An update from the President of the Espanola Lions Club in response to COVID-19

« Oh, what interesting times we are living in… »

and if I might add very scary. We have been asked by government and medical experts to alter our lives for the short term in order to better our lives for the long term.


The Espanola Lions club, of course, is no exception. We have decided to change our plans in the hope of safeguarding our community but still WE SERVE. We emphatically hope that others do their share. I know many people scoff at social distancing and many other measures which our medical experts say are necessary…..but THEY WORK.


T.V. Bingo has been postponed. Some of our vendors are closed, and others have restricted access. The club believes that the fewer contacts made the better. When we do start up, we will start with cards stamped March 18th. Many have already bought these cards so hang unto them!

Catch the Ace has been suspended but don’t forget there are seven draws left. This money raiser is helping our local Lions Club, Espanola Community Living and The Espanola Hospital Auxiliary.

May 1st was our date for our annual Food Drive for The Helping Hands food bank. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible for obvious reasons. We plan, hopefully, to have this important food Drive in the fall. In the meantime, you can support the food bank by purchasing bags as you leave Freshco and Tanner’s. Helping Hands doesn’t know what the needs in our community will be

and is wisely preparing for the worst case scenario.

This year, the Lions are partnering with North Shore Search and Rescue with the Annual Duck Race always held on July 1st. Nobody knows what the future holds however. So the Duck Race will be held in the fall.

So nothing is cancelled just put on hold for the benefit and health of everyone. The Lions continue to meet by phone and will continue TO SERVE in these tough times You too can serve by supporting our local businesses as much as possible. The Club has traditionally supported the Food Bank, Espanola Hospital Foundation and Community Living Espanola. Donations to these organizations would be appreciated and tax receipts can be issued.

Soon our routines will return to normal…but…maybe a NEW NORMAL. Perhaps walking will replace driving; perhaps helping and talking with our neighbours will replace driving by and just waving; perhaps appreciating more those who work at jobs which we previously have taken for granted; perhaps realizing that gift cards and take-out meals really are a great idea!

The Government and medical authorities have got it right! Wash hands regularly. Resist touching your face(the virus enters your body through the mucous membranes..(eyes, mouth and nose). Isolate yourself when you are told to. The one I find the hardest however, is self distancing. Human nature being what it is, encourages us to be close, especially in times of trouble….but….NOT AT THIS TIME!

Nobody has a crystal ball, but we shall all get through this.

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